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14:00 > 14:30
Judith Stehlik - Fotohof, 'Feel the Body'
Agata Polec - BWA Wroclaw, 'Keiko Nomura's book presentation'
Martin Magntorn - Breadfield Press, 'Daddy Cool'
Alexandre Dupeyron - Sun Sun, 'Dysnomia'
Tamsin Green - Manual editions, 'Scale and Substance'
Florian Bachmeier - Buchkunst Berlin, 'In Limbo, Ukraine 2013 to 2021'

14:30 > 15:00
Jean-Marc Caimi & Valentina Piccinni - Overlapse, 'FASTIDIOSA'
Harri Pälviranta - Kultbooks, 'Battered'
Lisbeth Johansen - Breadfield Press, 'The Picture of the Yellow Sun'
Gaël Bonnefon - Sun Sun, 'Aux jours inoubliables'
Evangelos Daskalakis, 'Kuebiko'

15:00 > 15:30
Katerina Moschou, 'How to drive'
Morgan Ashcom - Gnomic, 'Open'
Vincen Beeckman - Ciao Press, 'On Veut des zèbres, pas des chèvres'
Julien Sunyé - Lecturis, 'Black Holes'

15:30 > 16:00
Roger Palmer - Fotohof, 'A Stone’s Throw'
Nhu Xuan Hua - Area books, 'Tropism'
Monika Orpik - OPT Wroclaw, 'Stepping Out Into This Almost Empty Road'
Caroline Tompkins - Palm* Studios, 'Bedfellow'
Yannis Karpouzis, 'Parallel Crisis'

16:00 > 16:30
Hannah Modigh - Fotohof, 'Archive of longing'
Olivier Tulliez, 'Constellations from the station'
Maria Clara Macrì - Postcart, 'In her rooms'
Véronique Rolland - Jane & Jeremy, 'Silences'

16:30 > 17:00
Patricia Morosan - Fotohof, '(I) Remember Europe'
Yelena Yemchuk - Départ Pour l'Image, 'YYY'
Jacob Aue Sobol, 'James House'
Damien Daufresne - Blow Up Press, 'Undertow'
Satoshi Tsuchiyama - Witty books, 'Heat of Sand'
Andrea Modica, 'Theatrum Equorum'


14:30 > 15:00
Olivier Tulliez, 'Constellations from the station'
Clément Chapillon - Dunes, 'Les rochers fauves'
Evangelos Daskalakis, 'Kuebiko'
Caroline Tompkins, 'bedfellow'
Lara Shipley - Overlapse, 'Desire Lines'
Antoine Seiter - Nouveau Palais, 'J & A'

15:00 > 15:30
Lorenzo Castore - Blow Up Press, 'Glitter Blues'
Calin Kruse, - Dienacht, 'We Are Vegan Four Days a Week, The Other Three days We Are Cannibal'
Inuuteq Storch - Disko Bay, 'Keepers of the Ocean'
Luo Yang - La Maison de Z, 'Carpe Diem'
Elliott Verdier, 'Reaching for Dawn'

15:30 > 16:00
Ricky Laveen Martin - Zoopark Publishing, 'My Eyes Are Burning'
Prarthna Singh, Iona Fergusson and Vincent Hasselbac - Offset projects, 'Har Shaam Shaheen Bagh. Archives of Resistance'
Rui Camilo - Buchkunst Berlin, '34 hours'