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All the books we are going to share with you are books that have been released while we have all been locked in our houses... unable to go out and show how proud we are of the work our friends have made. It's been killing us that we can't have fun joking with the boys from Tipi... who are usually across from us... and getting Ethiopian at Godjo with Palm*, or trying to convince Ed & Deanna that we also know a few really good vegan spots worth checking out, and our favorite pastime of checking on TIS to see if Nelson is sleeping... or them checking on us... then again... getting food with them somewhere. (most likely falafel.) Paris, Deadbeat Club misses you.

'Entangled' - Maude Arsenault - Special Edition

We thought we would talk about the Special edition of Arsenault's book, since the regular edition is just about sold out. This books is Maude's beautifully delicate examination of the idea of femininity and the responsibility of motherhood. Raising her daughter, and thinking about the work she made as a fashion photographer, and what effect that might have on her own, and the young women all over. At the same time, this work is also the story of a young woman coming of age and seeing the world around her.

This is Arsenault's first book which came out in late February, and already she has received awards and shows revolving around this work, and we can't wait to see what we get into next with her.

The special edition comes with 2 archival pigment prints in a folio with the book. All signed and numbered, in an edition of 20. (only a few remain available.)

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'Rabbit / Hare' - David Billet & Ian Kline

This is a book about a road trip to texas. Yeah... you already have an idea about what you are going to see, but that's the whole thing. David and Ian know the tropes, the pitfalls of making work of such traveled (and documented) land, so they did their best not to shun those ideas of 10 gallon hats and the strong smell of jesus in the air, but to embrace it, work with it, and approach this body of work as open at one can. This openness helps create something more than just a book of what was seen, it captures a sense of what is there. Seeing the beauty in those around you that have different beliefs and embracing that difference to make something really special. Also.. have you seen that picture of the cat? What the fuck!? Yeah.. this is a crusher.

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'Summer Sublet' - Ward Long

A few years ago Ward lost his lease in the summer and needed to find a place to lay his head. his friend Ara mentioned a house that recently had an opening. A house of 5 very close knit women that needed a friend to fill the void of the person who left before Ward. This is a book of observation and remembrance of when we all lived in that group house in our lives. The bond that is formed from the physical and mental closeness. Ward starts from the outside observing and eventually finds his place in the house and becomes part of this group. When nothing matches, everything belongs. Though intimate and private, Summer Sublet leaves you with feelings of kindness, humanity, ease, and self-possession. After the year we have had, we could all use a little of that, don't you think?

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