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'Myself, Friends, Lovers and Others' - Arnis Balcus

This book is a kind of a portrait of the whole generation, probably the last one before social networks and over-conscious self-representation, when people were much less aware on how they should look on pictures. It's intimate and revealing, but not grotesque.
Arnis' pictures radiate some sweet, post-soviet charm and young carefreeness, with which, as being born in Eastern Europe, I can totally relate to.

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'Invisible Waves' - Christopher de Béthune

It’s the third book we publish with Chris, and it was supposed to arrive from the printer right in time for Polycopies. It’s a gentle gaze in black and white on, in his own words, 'two years of endless blink of happiness'.
The book has a silver silkscreened cover and comes with a 13 x 18 cm Print.

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20% discount during the fair – code: POLYCOVID2020