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'Old Tjikko' - Nicolai Howalt

About the publication: The tree, Old Tjikko, stands in a deserted landscape on a mountainside in Dalarna, Sweden, and is considered to be the oldest tree in the world with its impressive age of 9,600 years. A single photographic negative of this exceptional spruce has become the many different photographs in this book. By exposing the same image onto 97 different types of aged analogue light-sensitive photo papers – some dating back as far as the 1940’s – visual artist Nicolai Howalt has created a book, where the unpredictability of the long expired photographic papers has become an integral and dynamic part of each image. Mycologist Henning Knudsen, philosopher Søren Gosvig Olesen and art historian Lars Kiel Bertelsen contributes to the publication with three essays placing the work in the context of natural sciences and biology, the philosophy of perception and the history of photography.

Publishers note: The book has won the 2020 Maribor Photobook Award and the 2020 Danish Book Design of the Year awarded by the Danish Book Craft Association. This has been a very special publication for us, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the interest and appreciation of the book with the first printing selling out within six months and the second printing going fast. We wanted to create a small and special publication where the concept of the project would shine through every aspect of the book. So the size of the book is akin to the type of field notebook that you would bring if you were to study the old spruce in situ, the partial imprint on the cover is aligned with the 97 images within the book and the silver gilded edges and text imprint bears reference to the silver halides in the photographic papers that has been so instrumental in the creation of the images within the book.

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'203 Works' – Trine Søndergaard

About the publication: Compiling more than ten projects and spanning fifteen years of artistic work the book presents the most comprehensive collection of images ever assembled in book form by Trine Søndergaard. Published in collaboration with The Gothenburg Museum of Art, the book brings together 203 meticulously selected works displaying an extensive view into the many facetted aspects of Søndergaard’s oeuvre. Søndergaard uses a circular visual poetics in which motifs and phrases from earlier works reverberate, creating meaningful connections. This takes place in a balance between the spontaneous and the precise, the planned and the accidental. Her photography is grounded in a documentary attitude, which is heightened through reduction, poetically flowing narratives, and an absolute proximity to art history. The book also contains new texts by Kristine Kern, Museum Director at the Photographic Center in Copenhagen and Merete Pryds Helle, one of Denmark's most notable authors. The design is made by award-winning graphic designer Rasmus Koch.

Publishers Note: We made this publication in collaboration with the Gothenburg Museum of Art in connection with Trine’s solo exhibition at the museum in 2020. The idea was to make the publication a sort of extension of the exhibition or an exhibition in its own right. It’s been both interesting and challenging to create a publication that spans 15 years of artistic work and images from so many different projects: From the early landscape pictures in the How to Hunt series (2005-10); evocative interiors of empty Danish manor houses in the Interior series (2010); contemplative portraits of young girls wearing historical headwear in the Strude (2007-10), Guldnakke (2012-13) and Hovedtøj (2019) series; and brand new images, published for the first time, along with several other significant works. To strengthen the experience of the book as an exhibition and to enhance the tactility of the images we decided to make the book quite large to get this feeling of a panoramic view and we used four different types of papers - each suited to the different images and projects - spanning from 90 to 200 g/m2 and in different textures.

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'Old Tjikko' – Special Edition

Publishers Note: We’ve also made a special edition of 20 books of Old Tjikko which we think is rather special. We collaborated with the amazing danish bookbinder Klara K on creating a box for the book that would contain not only the book itself but also a larger, unique, signed and numbered analogue silver gelatine print in the size of 40 x 30 cm. We are quite proud of how the special edition turned out. The materials of the book are echoed beautifully in the box and it effortlessly holds both print and book in place. The numbering of both the box and the book within the special edition is imprinted with silver foil.

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