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'BOX CAMERA NOW' - Lukas Birk

'BOX CAMERA NOW' offers a unique insight into a new generation of Box Camera photographers working on the street and studios with primarily homemade cameras. These rudimentary tools follow a history of street photographers who worked around the globe in parks and on street corners, creating cheap memorabilia and first-time photographic experiences for the masses.
'BOX CAMERA NOW' encompasses 54 photographers from 21 countries around the globe.
Each photographer with is own style and adaptation of Box Camera photography.
Each one with his own unique ability to turn light and sensitive paper into a memorable object.

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It is hard to describe the magical stories Noor presents to us in this book about Afghanistan and Pakistan in the 70s and 80s, as well as what it means to really immerse yourself in a place far away from your home. The book speaks of so many incredible encounters that seem impossible today. Noor played with the Velvet Underground in the 60s. Opened a Yoga center in Hawai in the early seventies. Converted to Islam in Afghanistan and exported Russian uniforms during the cold-war and later opens a record studio in Peshawar, Pakistan...

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'YANGON FASHION 1979 – Fashion=Resistance' - Myanmar Photo Archive

What were the fashion aspirations of Yangon’s youth during the military regime in the 1970s? This book offers a rare insight into the photographs that brought a spark of free expression to the fashionable youth of Yangon in the late 1970s. Photo studios around Yangon University and downtown attracted an enormous number of young clients posing in stylish outfits, some of which were even custom-tailored for the occasion. The resulting images are something like an old-school Facebook – an exchange of physical imagery, as the photos were usually shared with friends.

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