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'1974' - Li Lang

'1974' is an interesting blend between history, fiction and the artist Li Lang's personal imagination. Li collected vintage photos from different sources and hand-labeled them with dates based on a fictional timeline. Then he presents these relabeled images along with a voice-over text of his personal memory in 1974. As a result, images and texts are no longer simply a documentation of the pas, but becomes an exploration between fiction and the reality in people's mind.

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'Tragédie, Coïncidence et La Double Vie de L.L.D.M' - Zhen SHI

'Tragédie, Coïncidence et La Double Vie de L.L.D.M' is about mazes in the narrative created by the artist Zhen Shi who trace down stories behind an accidentally-found 19th century Belgian family diary. As the second chapter of her project “Memories of Things Past”, it starts from Zhen's retracing of the family's archives as an outsider, followed by a series of coincidences and a tragedy that get herself involved in the history of the family. She invites the audience to explore the relationship between reality and memory through her story-telling.

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'Uncharted+' - Wang Juyan

As indicated in the title, the book features a series of uncharted landscapes manipulated by digital collage. The overlooking perspective on ruins, sea and mountains implies an underlying context of power. Uncharted+ seeks the limits of photography to challenge the ambiguity of language, and to form to ourselves the pictures of facts (Ludwig Wittgenstein), which results in the history as a formed outcome which eventually becomes an uncertain proposition in his work.

The whole concept is presented by a multi-layered book design to enhance Wang’s artistic attempt with a special binding resembling traditional Asian folding screens.

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10% discount during the fair – code: POLYCOVID2020