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'Tokyo Modern Pictorial' - Issei Suda
Suda is one of our favourite Japanese photographers and we were fortunate to have worked with him for a number of publications. He has sadly passed away last year and this book is released this year as the 1st volume of our gallery's "Zen Foto Book Series". The photos were taken during the 1980s so almost 40 years have passed by, but like how Suda wrote for this series, "Tokyo seems to be a melange of different times and remains a world apart from the passage of time"!

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'No Teacher But I Can Take Photos' - Chow san
Chow san is a self-taught photographer from Hong Kong who records his surroundings with a sense of humour. Released as the 2nd volume of our "Zen Foto Book Series", these photographs were taken in the past 10 years during when Hong Kong was undergoing a drastic change with a lot of Chinese tourists rushing into the city. A lot of things have happened in the past year for Hong Kong, and it is very heartbreaking personally as someone born in the city, but this book serves as a little "oasis" reminding that these daily moments still exist in this city we love.

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'Panoramic Photography' - Chotoku Tanaka
These panoramic photographs were taken in the 1970s in Paris, West and East Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Vienna, Venice, Amsterdam, Prague and other cities. 50 years have passed since then, and from the photos, we can see that cars and commercials have changed their appearance but many parts of the city still remain the way they are. In a way, the photos feel very surreal because we get the feeling that they are not from too long ago — especially when we see the photo of a medical staff wearing a mask in the commercial!

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20% discount during the fair – code: POLYCOVID2020