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'Vorona' (The Crow) - Alexander Bondar

This book tells a personal story 10 years back, from the time of an author’s army service and weird friendship with a crow.

"Once I found a parrot cage in the forest. Inside the cage was a crow. Probably it got in somehow and then couldn’t get out. It was starved almost to death, it barely could move. I picked it up and brought it home. I took it to a veterinarian, but he couldn’t tell me what was wrong exactly, one leg was broken though, and he didn’t know how to treat it. He didn’t even know if the crow was male or female. We called it Fyodor with my roommate anyways..."

Limited edition of 50
Size 15x21cm
72 pages
Inkjet print
Handmade sewn binding
Signed and numbered by the author

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